7 Surprising Reasons Why People Love Samosa

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samosa factory in Calgary

There is not a single person in the entire North Indian restaurant whose lips have not tasted the crispy crust and gooey filling of paradise, which is shaped like a triangle. The delicious samosa is the sole source of this mouth-watering delicacy. 

The basic components of samosa, a type of snack, include wheat, potatoes, peas, salt, and other spices. To give it a flavor to die for, mashed boiling potatoes are made into a filling and spiced. The kneaded dough is rolled out into thin rotis, and the filling is then placed within.


samosa factory in Calgary

A lot of people wonder what makes these a delicacy admired by all. So, Bombay Bakery® which is also a commercial samosa factory in Calgary, shares the main reasons behind the samosa craze.

1. Their Yummy-Liciousness

Children adore meals that are crunchy and snappy. Young children enjoy eating foods that produce noise when they are nibbled into. When samosas are eaten, especially ones that are hot out of the oven or fryer, they create a loud crunching sound.

2. Very satisfying

Samosas cause people to feel satisfied for a longer period of time. These tasty treats’ satiety value comes from the ingredients they contain.

3. Killer combination Ingredients of Samosas

The reason why kids adore these crunchy snacks is that they are tasty. Samosas have a flavor that kids have never experienced in any other cuisine. Children find samosa recipes to be quite enticing because of the ingredients that are utilized. They enjoy meat immensely. Samosas can be made with a wide range of meats. Depending on the establishment, they may have chicken, hog, beef, or other sorts of meat. The fact that most of them also include veggies is a benefit. It is possible to increase the recipe’s taste profile and nutritional value by using spinach, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. Samosas are a great way to kill two birds with one stone because young ones don’t really care if the snack they eat is healthy or not as long as it is tasty.

4. Easily Available

You may find someone selling samosa anywhere you go in North Indian restaurants. It is one thing to find it both at a roadside stand and in a nicely air-conditioned, clean restaurant chain. This food has utter omnipotence in its makeup. You can’t possibly refuse this delicacy when it is so readily available. It is claimed that if you regularly do something you first dislike, you ultimately develop a taste for it and become hooked to it. How can you possibly dislike something if it is available everywhere in your city? Thus, you simply cannot eat the samosas that are offered everywhere.

5. Economical

We all adore the mouth-watering pizzas and sandwiches served in upscale cafés and restaurants. But as the saying goes, with great power also comes great responsibility. Similar to this, amazing cuisine also comes at a wonderful price! There is, however, one exception. There is a snack that is both incredibly tasty and reasonably priced. Having food that is so affordable might be considered a blessing from god, even in today’s society but considering the cost of it, you can be assured that a samosa will never burn a hole in your wallet.


Samosas for the abovementioned reasons are the most admired Indian snack by people all across the world. If you are hosting an event and looking for a perfect snack to serve, samosas are the perfect option. And, for the freshest product delivery, get free quotes from Bombay bakery’s® samosa factory in Calgary and enjoy the future nostalgia in the event you’re organizing.