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With a blend of rich experience, we are dedicated to all things seasonal with a market-driven menu that also offers a variety of seasoned bread and pastries made perfectly for satisfaction. We have all the baked goods, captivating cuisines to hold your memory that you need to explore and develop your imagination.


Bombay Bakery is an all-Canadian bakery offering classic desserts made entirely from scratch using simple, natural ingredients. Treats that change the way you think about dessert. Think layer cakes with unfrosted sides, gooey pie, and fudgy Cake Truffles. Don’t be shy—give them a try.

Bombay Bakery_About
Bombay Bakery_About

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ALL THE GOOD STUFF -We’re committed to make the world a more equitable and just place for all. We strive to deliver unparalleled flavor experiences and unique statement confections! Our mission is to provide a delicious cake experience.