Famous Healthy Indian Sweets For Kids

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Sweets! Kids love to have sweets like chocolate, pastry, ice pops and many others. But not every sweet is healthy. But when we talk about Indian traditional sweets many prove to be healthy for our little ones. As part of offering these traditionally rich and indulgent sweets on occasions and celebrations, these can be added to kids’ meals for various health benefits. 


Bombay Bakery deals in the best sweets in Calgary, not only the best but healthy. To raise health benefits in these sweets our chefs use honey, dates, and jaggery as a natural sweetener replacing sugar. To know more about these mouth-watering, healthy sweets for kids, keep reading. 

Coconut Barfi: A Tropical Delight

With the goodness of Coconut, this chewy and flavorful treat is famous among kids. The primary ingredient is grated coconut. This barfi is sweetened with jaggery known as a powerhouse of nutrients. 


We all know coconut has vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre which is helpful for kids’ bone health and metabolism. Some chefs use organic coconut and natural sweeteners to make it even healthier. Cardamom added for flavour gives a fresh taste to every single bite. 

Motichoor Laddu: Tiny Drops of Joy

Not only kids Motichoor Laddus are the favorite of adults as well. Tiny Choora made from Besan (gram flour) and pure ghee melt-in-the-mouth of your little ones. By using a moderate amount of ghee and incorporating jaggery instead of refined sugar this sweet is perfect to make your kid healthier. 


Adults know that Besan is a great source of iron and protein whereas Ghee has a high ratio of fat-soluble vitamins like D, A, and E. All these healthy ingredients make Motichoor Laddu a nourishing and healthy sweet for kids. Eating it will give your kids energy and support overall growth. 

Kaju Barfi: Nutty and Nice

Kaju Barfi is an all-time favourite of every Indian. It is a blend of milk and cashew nuts. Both ingredients are fantastic sources of calcium, vitamins and minerals. As per experts, cashews include healthy fats, essential minerals (zinc, magnesium and iron) and protein. 


By reducing the amount of sugar or using natural sweeteners like honey or agave syrup this smooth milky barfi becomes healthier for kids. Using low-fat milk will reduce the overall calorie percentage without compromising the taste and creamy texture that kids love.

Milk Cake: Creamy and Wholesome

Another healthier choice for kids is Milkcake. A fusion of milk and sugar with a touch of cardamom it is a dense and creamy sweet with numerous health benefits. To create a healthier version for your little ones use organic or low-fat milk and sweeten it with natural alternatives like stevia or coconut sugar. 


The use of milk will fulfill the need for calcium and vitamin D in youngsters. This wholesome treat with delightful flavour can be enjoyed without any health worries as it provides essential nutrients.

Moong Dal Halwa: A Protein-Rich Indulgence

Some kids do not like to eat Lentils in their regular meals and are deprived of the essential nutrients that they contain. Therefore adding Moong Dal Halwa made from yellow Lentils, Jaggery and Ghee is best to complete youngsters’ requirement of protein, fibre, and essential vitamins like folate and B6. 


Just like other sweets, there is a need to add jaggery in place of sugar to make it a healthier sweet. In winter this sweet treat is perfect for kids as it is warming and satisfying.

Til Ke Laddoo: Sesame Seed Power

Sesame seeds are highly consumed in winter and they increase warmness inside our bodies. Serving Laddoo made of Til to kids is recommended as best as it has numerous health benefits. 


A good source of iron, calcium and healthy fats serving this Laddoo as a snack for growing kids makes them healthy and fit.  Jaggery used in this as a natural sweetener adds a caramel-like flavour along with raising the benefits of potassium and magnesium. 

Final Words!

Offering healthier versions of traditional Indian sweets to growing ones is the best decision a parent can think of. Usually, grandparents of kids recommend making these sweets at home. But many shops are offering the best sweets in Calgary equal to homemade sweets without compromising health.