Common Cake Baking Problems and Solutions

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Baking is an art. There are many things that a bakery chef needs to follow to bring perfection to the taste and texture of cake. But sometimes while baking things do not go as planned. However, even professional bakers encounter problems that turn their cake-baking job into a challenging task. 

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While baking you must know answers to these common questions: Why is my cake dense or gummy? Why did my cake layers sink in the middle? and others. If you don’t know you will get stuck in a cake baking problem leaving your customers waiting to taste a yummy cake forever.  Understanding these common cake-baking problems and their solutions can help you troubleshoot and achieve perfect cakes every time.

Dense and Heavy Texture

The overly dense cake is one of the most frustrating problems that chefs face. Unknowingly following the wrong method of baking ends up with a dense and heavy cake instead of a light and fluffy one. This issue occurs usually when the chef overmixs the batter. Overmixing results in excess development of gluten resulting in a tough texture. 

Solution: To bake a lighter version, mix the batter until the ingredients are combined. Keep mixing at low speed till the mixture becomes fluffy and pale. This solution ensures minimal gluten formation and a lighter texture.

Tough or Rubbery Texture

A cake with a tough or rubbery texture can be due to overbaking. This uneven rise is a result of various factors, one of which is baking with inconsistent oven temperature. Baking the cake for too long or at too high a temperature can cause the proteins in the flour to become too tight and give the cake a chewy texture. 

Solution: While baking, set the temperature and time of the oven as recommended in a recipe. Follow the baking time closely and check for toughness a few minutes before the suggested time using a toothpick or cake tester. Adjust the oven temperature accordingly to prevent overbaking.

Sinking in the Middle

The wrong temperature of the oven may make your cake rise up and over the edge of a burnt pan. This will let your cake run out of the pan. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing a yummy cake sink in the middle after baking. But there is a solution to this. 

Solution: Do not open the oven door too early during baking because sudden temperature changes can cause the cake to collapse. Additionally, make sure you are baking a cake by inserting a toothpick into the center allowing air to flow out of it.

Cracked Top

If met with a problem of cracked top of the cake it can be due to several factors. Check if you may have included too much leavening agent, and may have set the oven temperature too high. Though it is disheartening, it is easy to prevent.

Solution: While baking for the best pastry shop in Calgary double-check the amount of leavening agent and sugar in your recipe. Use an oven with a digital display showing the correct temperature.

Final Words!

By raising your baking knowledge with the above-given solution you can easily navigate potential problems in cake baking. Follow the correct recipe and bake a delicious cake with confidence.