Tips for Ordering Your Kid's Birthday Cake Online

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online order birthday cake in Calgary

Congratulations on Your Kid’s birthday! You are here to find the best tips to order cake online for your kid’s birthday. Parents feel blessed when their young one blows birthday candles. Celebrating a child’s birthday is a joyous occasion where cake is often the centerpiece of the party.  Nowadays people feel comfortable and save their time by ordering cake online.

Bombay Bakery offers a service for online order birthday cake in Calgary. Our Vanilla, Chocolate, Pineapple and other cakes are perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries and get-togethers. 

However, while ordering cake online many things need to be considered before confirmation. From selecting to delivery, you will find tips for ordering your kid’s birthday cake online in this article.

Research Reputed Bakeries

Switch On your mobile or laptop and search on Google or other search engines for reputed bakeries in your town. Find the best by reading online reviews about their quality and services. 

Check portfolios of children’s birthday cakes uploaded on the bakery’s website. Read comments on their social media posts. By understanding the bakery’s reputation you will be assured that you will be delivered with quality cake.

Decide the Type of Cake and a Party Theme

After deciding which bakery to order the cake from, the next tip to follow is to decide the type of cake that matches your kid’s favourite character, hobby, and the colour of the party theme. Multiple types of cake are available at the bakery, you can choose from them or order a personalized theme cake.

You can ask your kid what cake flavour they like instead of ordering online on your own. While ordering customized cakes online, be sure to mention the exact details of the type of cake you are looking to deliver. Many online bakeries offer customization options. Understand the extent to which you can personalize the cake. 

Order in Advance & Confirm Delivery Details

If you decide to order a customized cake to cherish your young one on his or her birthday, the tip is to order in advance. Custom cakes require time to bake. The bakery assigned to deliver cake online needs time for preparation, depending on their regular schedule. Order it a week or day before the birthday of the kid.

Ensure that the bakery delivers to your area, and inquire about the delivery process. Will the cake arrive assembled, or will there be some setup required? Also, check for delivery charges and times to ensure the cake arrives fresh and on time.

Mindful Of The Size and Price

The quantity of birthday cake depends on the number of guests invited to a birthday party. A regular-size cake will be sufficient for a celebration with 5-8 guests. But if the count is more than you need to decide the quantity before ordering it online. 

A reputed bakery provides a portion guide to help you decide on the appropriate size. Another tip on ordering an online cake is to be sure of your budget. Customized cake can be a little pricey as compared to the regular available. 

Confirm Your Order and Enjoy 

Double-check your order details before finalizing. Confirm the date, time, address, and specifics of the cake design to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Once the cake is ordered online, focus on the other aspects of the party. With the cake delivered, you can concentrate on creating a memorable day for your child.

Another tip that professional birthday party organizers share is that parents organizing their kid’s party should have a backup plan in case of unforeseen issues with the delivery or the cake itself. 

Final Words!

Online order birthday cake in Calgary is a swift way to get a cake delivered that will delight your child on his/her birthday. So take the time to ensure everything is just right for your little one’s celebration and follow the above given tips.