What Exactly Makes Us The Best Pastry Shop In Calgary?

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Bombay bakery is an all-Canadian bakery that serves its customers Indian-style baked treats. One of the most loved food items is pastry. Pastries at Bombay bakery are available in 6 irresistible flavors. An often-asked question of our guests is why are we the best pastry shop in Calgary? What makes us better than others?

So, we take pride in sharing the very clear reasons why customers keep coming back for more.

 1. Authentic Indian Taste

Well, pastries in India and the rest of the world mean different to different people. In India, a slice of cake that is sold as an independent unit is called a pastry. Indian pastries are sweet but not too sugary. They are generally available in traditional yet classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, mango, and pineapple. Understanding the choice of the guest. We serve our guests the pastries they expect.

2. Super Fresh 

All the cakes and pastries that we serve are served fresh which means they are baked fresh right from the scratch every single day that we are open. The freshness of our food products is what really attracts our customers to come back for more.

3. Natural Ingredients

At Bombay bakery, we use only natural ingredients and do not use preservatives at all which makes food unhealthier. However, we do have our tie-ups with organically produced suppliers. More than that, these are consistent in taste, flavor, and look so that they please your eyes every time you visit our bakery.

4. Presented well

Since our in-house bakers are super skilled and master bakers, they do pay a lot of attention to the details and present the pastries they bake very attractively. 

5. Prepared under hygienic conditions

Every single food product we serve at Bombay bakery is prepared to keep mind hygiene and cleanliness. All our convectional ovens are cleaned with premium quality food cleaners and cleaned well before anything is baked in them.

Having been in business for the past 15 years, Bombay bakers in Calgary serve fluffy, yummy Indian pastries which are perfect when paired with a cup of hot coffee. So, next time you crave a dessert, do step inside the best pastry shop in Calgary.