What Kind of Cakes Are in Trend Right Now?

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Say no to old pineapple cakes! This time order trending cake making people go crazy. Whether it is a birthday cake, wedding cake or Mother’s Day cake everyone wants to order a trending cake which impresses their guest. 

Just like other food items catering to your guests with the latest trending yummy cake will add charm to the celebration. At Bombay Bakery we offer birthday cake delivery Calgary accomplishing the demand of customers to customize cakes meeting the latest trends and requirements. 

Eating relishing cakes different in style, shape and decorations can bring joy and celebration to any occasion, big or small. To know what kinds of cake are high in demand, keep reading.

1. 3D Cakes

Since the 3D printers were invented the demand for 3D cakes has risen. Chefs prepare cake that look realistic. Combining their cake preparation, decorative and artistic skills they stunned their customers with their real-looking cakes. You can order these cakes online that are versatile in shape and size. These cakes are unique in design and are truly uncommon in their distinctiveness. A mixture of colours makes their design detailed from its shape and size. 

2. Geometric Design Cakes

Unlike 3D cakes, teenagers love to cut their birthday cakes designed following geometric themes. These cakes can be a great idea for the celebration of students who love to solve hard geometry problems in minutes. Triangle, sphere, cylinder and cone shapes embossed over the cake please everyone looking at it. Using these uniform patterns in cakes helps chefs to pair them with any texture. Whenever you want to astonish your guests with a cake that is not tasty but also looks nice do order geometric design cakes.

3. Oversized Cakes

Oversized cakes never went out of trend; they are still in demand in the 21st century. They are stacked and can impress anyone attending the party. You may have usually seen these cakes at weddings adding a wow factor to the event. Their size tends to be expensive but they are worthy enough to indulge in large gatherings. They usually reflect the event style and display elegance and a sense of magnificence.

4. Edible Flowers Cakes

Girls usually love to be greeted by cake with edible flowers over it. This yummy and attractive cake is leading the trend. Guests usually enjoy sweet flowers on their plate. Chef decorates these cakes with fresh edible blooms and escalates the cake charm. They make it elegant by using these flowers to design patterns and decorations. Mostly Rose, Calendula, Pansy and Viola are the flowers that are used in these cakes as edible. 

5. Buttercream Carved Cake

Buttercream cake carved with different effects will offer a refreshing change to guests in place of simple buttercream cakes. To bring a carving effect chef frosts this cake and then covers it with other colours of buttercream. They enhance the carving effect by using clay modelling tools revealing the actual colour beneath it. It is an eye-catching cake which has a lot of colour and texture. 

Final Words!

So this is all about the latest trend in cakes. You must order birthday cake delivery Calgary to add more fun and enjoyment to your birthday party. Such cakes usually delight cake lovers with their ingredients, design, flavours and yumminess.