Hitting a New Trend in Custom Cake

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Cake is happiness, everyone likes to taste a cake slice on a birthday or party. Jaw-dropping designs and mouthwatering flavours of juicy delicious cakes attract everyone when offered in the dessert. 

Nowadays custom cakes have brought a new meaning to party cakes. Bakery chefs add creativity and innovations to transform traditional cakes into a work of art. They follow new emerging trends to transform cakes meeting the special requirements of their customers.

From timeless favourite mix fruit cake to tutti frutti cake at Bombay Bakery we offer a custom cake to our clients putting a modern twist on old-school classics. 

Here’s a look at the latest trends that are making waves in the custom cake bakers Calgary NE

Lambeth Piping: A Nod to Nostalgia

Nowadays a custom cake with Lambeth piping design is in demand. This cake is everyone’s favourite as it uses a royal icing over-piping technique to offer an intricate design. This trend pays homage to the nostalgic elegance of the past. In the last few months, Lambeth cakes have become popular among social media users. 

To get it customized anyone can get it decorated with American buttercream instead of royal icing or add cookie butter to mark the top edge of the cake with 8 half circles.

Large Format Cakes: The Bigger, The Better

Earlier multi-layered cakes were in demand during marriage parties but not now. Time has changed, the bride-groom now prefers to cut the pieces of large format cakes. These cakes are now the centrepieces of marriage celebrations as they are easily customizable. 

The unique spin that the baker’s format on these cakes offers a wow factor that guests attending marriage won’t forget. Topped with burnt honey buttercream or delicate purple gomphrena blooms these wider cakes are momentous for reasons beyond their size.  

Cartoon Cakes: Matching Comic Style

Cartoon cakes are in demand due to their customization option to like 2D cartoons. Baked by expert chefs the creativity used in it brings fantastic looks more like a drawing than a cake. Cake chefs used limited colours to bring the best comic look to it. 

These custom cakes are easy to customize meeting any comic look. Parents order these cakes, especially for their toddler’s birthday parties. 

Metallic Accents: Shimmer and Shine

To add glamour and sophistication order Metallic cakes. To achieve the metallic magic cake chefs use Gold, Silver, Copper and Rose gold colours in these cakes. Whichever metallic colour it may be it can turn any cake into a luxurious treat. 

Metallic patterns make these cakes impressive and fascinating. Customization to meet any look depending on your requirements is possible in this custom cake. 

Personalized Touches: Making It Your Own

The best thing about ordering a custom cake is that it offers a personalized touch. The bakery chef will deliver cake to your doorstep based on your interest and favourite flavours. Share your favourite colour, flavour and other things and let them do their work. 

They will bake cake meeting your personality and likes. It also allows an individual to get it decorated with an edible image or a special message. 

Sustainable Cakes: Sweet and Conscious

Following an organic approach ensures that your celebration is not just sweet but also kind to the planet. Sustainable custom cake chefs are offering a piece of deliciousness with eco-friendly options. 

Not only cake popular bakeries like Bombay Bakery are also offering eco-friendly packaging. 


The custom cake industry is hitting new heights with trends that are as diverse as they are delightful. From the elegance of Lambeth piping to the innovative brunch cakes, there’s a trend for every taste and occasion. These trends are not just changing the way we think about cakes; they’re elevating the entire experience of celebrating life’s special moments.